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How to Generate More Leads Using Your Website

If you’ve been building a web presence for a while now but you still feel as if your website isn’t generating enough leads, there may be a few different factors. Developing an online presence that will impress, educate and inform can be easier said than done. However, gaining more leads is most likely as simple as making a few changes to your online strategy and your website design. Keep reading to find out the most probable reasons that your website isn’t generating leads. 

If your website hasn’t been updated recently, it’s probably time to make some modifications. You will need to make sure your site is full of information that your target buyer would want to know. It needs to be much more than the typical “About Us”, “Products & Services” and “Contact Us” pages to compete in today’s online world.

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5 Website Analytics That Help Determine If Your Marketing Is Effective

There are few things in marketing as important as analytics. Marketing analytics are extremely useful and informative to help you determine how well your marketing strategy is working. Thanks to these analytics, we can look deeper than simple leads and sales – we can look at our marketing efforts and achieve a better understanding of our marketing ROI (Return on Investment).

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Investing in HubSpot's Marketing Automation Software

When you run a small business, expenses are one of your primary concerns. You’re not running a corporation with capital to burn; you’ve got to stretch every dollar. So when you consider spending big money on marketing automation software like HubSpot, it probably makes you a bit squeamish.

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Why Your Monthly Website Traffic is Decreasing

If you recently implemented an inbound marketing strategy, you most likely were hoping to see an increase in website traffic month over month immediately. And maybe you did, as you published more content you saw your organic website traffic begin to increase. But, then it really started to level off. First it slowed, then it basically stopped increasing, and now the unthinkable has happened: your website traffic is actually decreasing.

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Outsourcing Your Website Design and Development

It’s 2017, and as we move into the new year, it’s a good time to make sure that your company is equipped with all of the tools that it will need for success this year. One of those tools is undoubtedly a really good website. But what exactly constitutes a good website in 2017? I’ve done a bit of website design and development myself over the years, and I know firsthand that the trends have changed dramatically. Does anyone still remember the early versions of Netscape, which allowed blinking text, when no other browsers could do it? That was cool and stylish, well, for 1994, but it didn’t take too long before that looked completely outdated. As a point of reference, the <blink> HTML tag, which produced that effect, was finally phased out in 2013 when the Firefox browser stopped supporting it.

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What To Know Before You Outsource Your Website Design

If you’re running a business in the second decade of the 21st century, I don’t think you need to be reminded of the importance of having a presence on the world wide web. While many of us are old enough to remember a time when everything wasn’t yet connected to the internet, that’s clearly no longer the case. Nowadays, everything, and I mean everything is networked, from household appliances to cameras to “smart” light bulbs. I’m digressing a bit here, but I think you get the point: if your company isn’t visible on the web today, you might as well be doing business back in the last millennium.

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Writing Content for Your Website: Outsourcing it vs. Doing it Yourself

I’d like to start this article off by apologizing to any business owners who may be taken a bit aback by the title. I’ve been involved in a number of small / startup companies, and I cringed just a little myself as I typed those words. It’s not just that outsourcing has become a bit of a dirty word in the media in recent years, with so many jobs having been outsourced / offshored. We’re talking about a completely different definition of the word “outsourcing” here, the one that’s becoming a fairly standard business practice, that is, delegating a business process to a third party or an external agency. 

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Can a Virtual Marketing Agency Manage my Company’s Website?

It doesn’t seem all that long ago, to many of us, that websites were a novelty. Back in the 1990’s, there weren’t even very many companies who had their own websites. Most of the exciting stuff in the earliest days of the web was found on sites belonging to government agencies (in the .gov high level domain) and college sites (in the .edu domain). Does anyone else remember the internet-connected Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon? Long before the Internet of Things (IOT), some erstwhile computer science students rigged up the soda vending machine in the CS building at Carnegie Mellon to monitor the availability and even the temperature of its soda inventory (all to avoid having to walk all the way to the machine, only to find that their favorite beverage was out of stock, or, worse yet, available, but not yet sufficiently chilled).

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