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Should I Outsource My Content Marketing Strategy To A HubSpot Partner?

As 2017 continues, it’s time to start implementing an updated marketing strategy for the year. Content marketing has become something of a buzzword in the business world, and it’s a topic that we discuss a lot on this blog. If you’re looking to increase your efforts in this area, you’re not alone. The Content Marketing Institute recently reported that among B2B marketers surveyed, 70% say that they plan to create more content in 2017 than they did in 2016. If you’ve been following any of our blogs on the value of content marketing, that statistic shouldn’t really come as a surprise. But this one might: the same report revealed that only 37% of companies maintain a documented content marketing strategy, and only 34% are satisfied that their strategy is effectively helping them achieve their marketing goals.

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Dentists and Inbound Marketing

We have had some great success working with local Dentists. One of my first experiences with a dental client happened a few years ago when I received a telephone call from a dentist in Coralville, Iowa. This dentist had found our agency from a blog I wrote about reducing the amount of money you spend on yellow page advertising. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

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Investing in HubSpot's Marketing Automation Software

When you run a small business, expenses are one of your primary concerns. You’re not running a corporation with capital to burn; you’ve got to stretch every dollar. So when you consider spending big money on marketing automation software like HubSpot, it probably makes you a bit squeamish.

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Why Your Monthly Website Traffic is Decreasing

If you recently implemented an inbound marketing strategy, you most likely were hoping to see an increase in website traffic month over month immediately. And maybe you did, as you published more content you saw your organic website traffic begin to increase. But, then it really started to level off. First it slowed, then it basically stopped increasing, and now the unthinkable has happened: your website traffic is actually decreasing.

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InBound Marketing and HubSpot


I have spent the past 90 days looking for the best InBound marketing method, software products, add ons, widgets, etc.

I trialed a whole bunch of landing page products, squeeze page thingys, facebook fan page specialists, etc, etc., etc.

After a very thorough analysis and trial of all of these things I have come to a simple conclusion, HubSpot has all of it in a single place. It is the one place you can go and hook up everything you need for a total InBound Marketing solution.

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Rhino’s Best Blog Articles From 2016

If you’re new to the Rhino website and blog, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content to be found here. I’m not going to apologize for it. After all, we’re constantly pushing the concept of content marketing, giving your customers value in the form of useful meaningful content. Looking back over the blogs we published in the last year, I can say confidently that we’ve done just that, but admittedly, the volume of blog articles may be a bit daunting. With that in mind, I’m going to give you what we see as our “greatest hits”, a survey of our best blogs that give you a good picture of what it is that we do here at Rhino. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are Rhino’s best blog articles from 2016.

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Why are My Landing Pages not Converting?

If your business is using landing pages to drive sales, that’s excellent; landing pages are a key part of an effective inbound marketing strategy. But even the best landing pages don’t have great conversion rates – average is around 2.35 percent. That’s just the nature of the business. 

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Web Marketing for Dentists: Where Should Your Budget Go?

I’ll be honest with you. Web marketing and budgeting, for dentists, is not one of the most inherently exciting topics I’ve written about. As a content specialist at Rhino, I know that not every article I write is going to have a theme that really gets my juices flowing. But most of the time, I know that there’s a target audience who is going to be really interested in the subject matter. But in this case --- that may not be true. I mean, most dentists, I’ve known, even the really talented, passionate ones, are interested in serving their patients, and learning about the latest advances in dental technology. As far as the business side of things, like web marketing, and the budgeting therein, maybe not so much. And for the rest of us, who aren’t dentists, well, let’s just say that most us don’t really get all that excited about our visits to the dentist.

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