No One Really Understands SEO Like Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a concern for websites since the early days of the internet. You have likely seen SEO thrown out as a corporate buzzword from dozens of sources, from Fortune 500 CEOs to blog posts.

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3 Reasons Everyone Hates Your Sales Emails

If you use sales emails as part of your business, your conversion rates are likely very low – on average, conversion rates for sales emails are less than 2 percent. Sales emails are like vegetables: You need them, but most people really don’t care for them.

But there are things you can do that will make people hate your sales emails, and a customer who hates your sales email certainly isn’t going to engage with it. Here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make when it comes to sales emails:

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Generating Leads Online: an Inside Look for B2C Companies

When it comes to sales, leads are everything. One of the most famous movies ever created about the sales world, the critically-acclaimed Glengarry Glen Ross, is centered on the struggle for the best leads: the Glengarry leads.

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How to Create a Successful Facebook Business Page

Social media is no longer just a fad for young people – it has become an integral part of our daily lives. From journalists, to celebrities, to organizations, everyone is using social media for information, promotion and communication. So why shouldn’t you?

Maybe your business doesn’t have a social media presence; or perhaps you just aren’t getting the most out of your existing business page. Regardless of you social media expertise, you definitely need to have a Facebook page for your business.

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How to Take Advantage of Football Season (a Marketer's Perspective)

As the calendar turns to September, the weather begins to cool down, the days get shorter and football returns to fields all across America.

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Traditional Marketers: May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

If you don’t recognize the headline of the blog, then you either don’t like summer blockbuster movies or don’t have any female teenage relatives – it’s a famous quote from the bestselling young adult book series The Hunger Games, which is now also a successful movie series.

So why is it appropriate here? Because the quote is said to “pledges” about to be sent into a vicious “last man standing” style competition where all but one of 24 will end up dead; the odds sure better be in your favor, because you’ve got a 95 percent chance of death.

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