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What Social Media Analytics Should You Be Tracking?

Social media can be very overwhelming at times. If you are on several different social websites and aren’t completely familiar with all of them, then you are probably unsure what you should even be looking for in terms of analytics. Perhaps you have a great social media marketing strategy in place, but how ...

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Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

If you are a small to medium sized business, you know the importance of budgeting and saving. Your main focus is your product or service, so you don’t have as much time or money to spend on the extras as a bigger business. Maybe you handle all the marketing yourself, or maybe one of your staff members does ...

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How to Choose the Most Effective Keywords for SEO

Search engine optimization helps your website get discovered by searchers both locally and globally. Think of all the things you type into Google or your favorite search engine and the reasons you turn to these search engines. Most likely, you are looking for answers. SEO attempts to gives you the right ...

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What to Do with Buyer Personas After Creating Them

You crafted the perfect buyer personas for your business. Maybe you looked at some of our other blog posts like how to create buyer personas for small businesses or this one on
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The Most Common Lies Marketers Will Tell You

If you are searching for a marketing agency to help grow your business, you have no doubt seen the thousands of companies out trying to catch your attention. It can be incredibly difficult to distinguish one from the other, especially if you have no experience in the marketing world. All of us seem like good ...

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Making the Transition from Yellow Pages Advertising to Digital Marketing

It is a rare occurrence if you see the Yellow Pages book on anyone’s doorstep anymore, and seeing someone actually using one would be like spotting a unicorn. In our high-tech world, there is just no need for a book of ads anymore. People do everything they can to escape advertisements, and if they need a ...

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6 Bizarre and Unique Social Media Marketing Strategies

It seems like every business, big and small, uses social media in some form. Some are constantly posting to every known platform from Facebook to Snapchat, while others will occasionally post a new update on Twitter every 6 months. Regardless of your personal opinions about social media, it’s hard to deny ...

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Does Your Business Need Online Reviews?

Between Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Reviews, and countless others, there are plenty of ways for customers to write a glowing commendation or a brutally honest attack on your business. The question many business owners have is: are these reviews important or frivolous? Will they have any impact on actual ...

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