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How to Come Up with Blog Topics that Attract Website Visitors

If you follow our blog, you have already seen us cover the importance of blogging for businesses (The reason for blogging and 15 stats that prove your business needs to be blogging). There are many articles that go into the why, so I will be discussing the how. It is not enough to know that you should be blogging; you also need to know where to go from there. Business owners who are uncomfortable with writing are likely hesitant to start despite knowing how helpful a blog can be.

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What to Do with Buyer Personas After Creating Them

You crafted the perfect buyer personas for your business. Maybe you looked at some of our other blog posts like how to create buyer personas for small businesses or this one on buyer persona research. No matter how you did it, you now have either one or a few tailored personas. The question becomes, what do you do with them now?

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How to Come Up with Blog Topics for Your Dental Practice

3 Ways You Can Keep Your Content Marketing Strategies Fresh

What’s worse than stagnation? Even if you have a bad idea, hey, it’s still an idea. You’re still innovating, even if it’s a lousy innovation. But stagnation means nothing is going on. Things are dull and inactive. And in the context of the business world, stagnation means sales are flat – and friend, there’s no business model where that’s a good thing.

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How Do You Come Up With Business Blog Topics?

Is there anything that inbound marketers worry about more than coming up with blog topics? They stress, worry, and pull their hair out, hoping they’ll devise exactly the write blog topic to maximize their traffic and bring in all the leads.

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How to Create Content Based Off Pop Culture Trends

It can be tough to write for a living – the mind only has so many ideas, and sometimes they just aren’t flowing. But other times, this job is interesting and fun. Like when I get to write about pop culture topics. For some strange reason, I love to write about pop culture. Whether it’s TV, movies, sports or video games, I am always willing to crank out 600 words about it. I guess it’s because I have such strong feelings about these topics.

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Creating Content For Your Buyer Persona in the Awareness Stage

If you wanted to pin down the target audience for our blog posts, it would probably be “busy and hard-working business owners that understand they need to invest in online marketing but don’t know where to begin.” So in order to meet the needs of our audience, we try to keep our concepts broad and simple. Inbound marketing is a pretty straightforward strategy, but there is definitely some nuance to it. As you become a more experienced marketer who is comfortable with online marketing, then you can begin to learn deeper strategies or tactics for maximizing the effectiveness of your inbound campaigns.

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Blogging as a Business in 2015: What You Need to Know