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How to use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

We’ve all done it. You go about your regular inbound marketing tasks or following up on existing leads, until that random notification lands in your inbox. Once again, you’ve completely ignored one of the easiest, least expensive B2B lead generation channels: LinkedIn.

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Do Dentists Need to Use Social Media Marketing?

Well, you don’t need to. However, if you want to increase your number of patients and grow your business, you should definitely consider integrating social media into your marketing strategy. You do have a marketing strategy, right? You should have some sort of plan to bring in new patients and attract people to your practice. This could be through advertising, referrals, emails, or maybe you already know about inbound marketing, which is ideal for dentists.

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Can Your Small Business Benefit from Social Media?

Social media can seem very intimidating, especially if you have never used it in a business capacity. It’s one thing to have a personal account that you use to connect with your friends, but when you are trying to generate leads and build up a brand, it is a whole different ball game. Couple that with all the different platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more, and it is no wonder that many small businesses are hesitant to jump into mix. However, if you are looking to increase your business’s exposure, drive more traffic to your website, interact with your audience, as well as showcase your products/services, then social media may be exactly what you need.

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How to Use Instagram for Effective B2C Marketing

If I ask you to think of social media, most of you are going to conjure up images of two sites: Facebook or Twitter. Since these are the two biggest social media platforms in the world (and two of the oldest), that wouldn’t be a surprise. But what if I told you that it’s actually Instagram you should be most concerned with at this point?

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3 Unusual Marketing Tactics Small Business Owners Should Consider

We live in a world that is now dominated by social media and viral sensations, which means that many people are willing to do virtually anything for virtual fame. From appearing on preposterous reality shows, being guests on trashy talk shows and taking part in social media memes, there’s almost nothing people won’t do for their 15 minutes.

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How Can Social Media Benefit an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

How Can I Make the Most of Our Facebook Following?

Of all the social media sites we are active on (Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+), none get as many questions as Facebook. People all over the internet are still trying to figure out the best way to maximize this following. How do we get more followers? How do we turn followers into leads? Are we posting often enough? Too often? The questions are seemingly endless.

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5 Tips for Managing Your Business’ Social Media Pages

One of the amazing things about the technological revolution of recent years is how quickly we assimilate technology into our lives. For instance, I’m old enough to remember a time before cell phones became mainstream – they were only for the ultra-wealthy or super busy. Now, every teenager on the block has an iPhone or Android, and it’s probably a newer model than yours!

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