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Inside Look at the HubSpot COS: Social Monitoring Tool

The HubSpot Content Optimization System allows you to deliver an incredibly personalized web experience for your viewers, on basically any device. There are many platforms out there to assist you in managing your web presence, but the HubSpot COS is a step above the rest.

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The Real Reason Your Facebook Marketing Has Been Ineffective

In today’s online world, having a Facebook presence for your business is practically a requirement. Your consumers expect to find you there, and if you aren’t they may see your business as a bit “behind the times”. However, if you don’t do it right, Facebook marketing can seem a bit pointless and inefficient. If you’ve been working at it for a while without seeing many results, there may be a few reasons why your Facebook marketing has been ineffective up to this point.

Infrequent Updates

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Can "Selfies" Increase Social Media Engagement for Your Business?

There are a lot of trends in the super social, online world that we live in today. From hashtagging everything, creating crazy YouTube videos, and possibly the most famous meme of all, Grumpy Cat, you never know what’s going to catch on. But over the last several years, nothing has been more popular than the selfie. Everyone and their Grandma (literally, Google Grandma selfie and you’ll get tons of results) are taking and posting selfies on a regular basis. So you have to wonder, can these help your business?

One of the number one goals of using social media for your business is to build a one-on-one relationship with your client base. Putting a human face on a company is a new approach that seems to be paying off greatly. With the easy access that customers have to your business through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. accounts, they feel as if they can easily reach out and speak to someone, rather than dialing up a 1-800 number and speaking to a customer service representative who may or may not be able to help them. This has led to a loyalty and familiarity between customer and business that is unlike anything before.

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5 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Your Business Needs Inbound Marketing

Relying on traditional marketing methods for your company in the digital world that we live in is a recipe for disaster. Inbound marketing allows you to approach potential customers in a helpful way that they will appreciate, rather than interrupting them with the intrusive marketing methods of the past. If you haven’t jumped on the inbound marketing bandwagon, it’s time to make a change. Below are five brutally honest reasons why your business needs inbound marketing. 

  1. Your Customers Think You’re Annoying

Traditional marketing methods such as television commercials, cold-calls, and radio advertisements all have one thing in common: they interrupt an enjoyable activity that someone is partaking in to offer information that they probably don’t want. There’s no way that most people won’t see these interruptions as annoying.

Since consumers are constantly flooded with marketing attempts, they’ve learned a very valuable skill, and that is how to tune everything out. The minute the TV switches from the show they are watching to a commercial, most people either change the channel, use DVR to fast forward if it’s previously recorded, or pick up their cell phone or lap top and zone out. Very few people actually sit there and enthusiastically watch the commercials at this point. The same can be said for just about any other traditional marketing attempt.

With inbound marketing, the customer is coming to you and seeking out information that you have to offer. Rather than being aggressively interrupted, they are going out of their way to search for valuable information about products or services that they have an interest in. When they stumble upon your blog article or website, they are happy to hear what you have to say rather than looking for every opportunity to get away from you.

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6 Tips to Help You Choose Photos for Your Blog Articles

Quality content should be priority number one when it comes to your online efforts for your business. Content is what will help you get discovered, will establish you as an authority, and will entice viewers to keep coming back. However, all of that content without an interesting photo won’t have near the impact it could. Choosing photos to go along with your content is a bit of an art form, and it can be overwhelming at first. Take a look at the six tips below to guide you in the right direction. 

  1. Be Creative….

Photos can help to connect with your audience on an emotional level. While your words are powerful, the photo connected with them can take your words and turn them into something much more potent. While it may be tempting to go the easy route and use a standard stock image of a telephone with your blog post “Seven Ways to Keep Your Company’s Phone Ringing”, that certainly isn’t going to evoke any emotion.

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What is a SMART Sales Website?

Websites in the past were basically online brochures, used to showcase the basics of your business and not much else. Today, much more is required of your site in order to outshine the competition. If you are still relying on the site you’ve had for years, it’s important that you make some changes in order to ensure you’re doing all you can for your business. Having a SMART sales website is essential in today’s world.

So what is a SMART sales website? Basically, it’s a site designed to attract quality prospects and increase customer loyalty with Inbound Marketing. Before launching your company website, or before revamping it, you will need to define and establish strategic goals for exactly what you want to do with your online presence.

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Lead Scoring 101: Determining What an SQL is for Your Business

Your marketing team is most likely responsible for the lead management within your company. They should acquire promising leads, then evaluate and nurture them before handing them off to sales to close the deal. A major part of this process is in lead scoring, in which your marketing team will determine a lead’s level of interest in your products or services and whether or not they are a quality lead to pass along to your sales team.

But what if marketing and sales have totally different ideas for what makes a sales qualified lead? For the sake of everyone involved, the two teams should come together to define exactly what makes a sales qualified lead for your business. In order to do just that, you will need to determine what the “right” answers would be to the questions below for each of your potential buyers.

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How to be a Top Salesman Without Being a Salesman

If you’re a salesman by trade, you know that sometimes you might have a bad rap at no fault of your own. Salesmen often have the reputation of being pushy, overbearing, and dishonest. As you know (since you are one!), this is rarely the case. However, overcoming that preconceived notion can be tough. Fortunately, if you follow the inbound marketing methodology when obtaining and pursuing your qualified leads, you can learn to become an incredibly successful salesman without being a typical “salesman”.

When following the inbound marketing train of thought, it’s easy to avoid the pushy salesman routine. Instead of going out and looking everywhere for someone, anyone, to pitch your product or service to, you instead sit back and wait for leads to come in. Once these leads do come to you, it’s your job to follow up and see what further information you can make available to them. By doing this, you start to become seen as a valued resource rather than an annoying interruption.

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